Saving for the future and making the money grow is extremely important but what is the best way?

That's where the premium portfolios can help you.

Portfolioeinstein’s Premium portfolios can help you:

  • If you want to secure your retirement - you need your money to compound at a good rate.
  • If you are tired of buying and selling stocks and getting a terrible result.
  • If you want to be sure that your portfolio is the absolute best that money can buy.
  • If you are planning on retiring early in your 40’s or 50’s.
  • If you are simply looking for the best performing portfolio ever designed by investing professionals.
  • If you’re planning for a future goal but don’t know how to get there.

The highest returning portfolios


Since the early 2000’s we’ve documented investment portfolios. We did this to find out which portfolios offer the highest returns. We wanted a shortcut to riches! The portfolios are made by investment professionals. Many of them are based on Nobel-prized research.

We wanted to find the secret sauce behind the high returning portfolios.

Why pick a portfolio with a 7% return over a portfolio with a 10% return, when they’re both easy to implement?

To date we have benchmarked over 800 portfolios including ESG portfolios, so we have a good basis for comparing portfolios to one another. By the way - no one has ever done this before - as weird as that may sound.

This gives us a unique advantage that we can present to you.

All of the portfolios in our book have stood the test of time and have performed wonderfully– the oldest portfolio is almost 3000 years old! It too has performed wonderfully (detailed in free download).

How will a superior portfolio help you?

Look a the bar chart below. It shows the difference in accumulated wealth between an average investor’s return as measured by

Dalbar and the 3 best portfolios in our premium portfolios e-book. We have also included the two portfolios detailed in our sample e-book that could can download for free.

The difference is massive.

Case study

One of the most simple portfolios in the premium portfolios arsenal returned 21.03% last year.

That means: for every $10,000 invested you would have gotten $2,103!

Got a million to invest? You would have gotten a whopping $210,300 last year with a super simple premium portfolio.

Superior portfolios by the numbers

Below you can see the exact numbers for the comparison. The table is sorted from best performing portfolio to worst performing
portfolios. The best performing portfolio generated almost 6 times more dollars than the average investor received!

If you just went with the Talmud Portfolio (which is VERY easy to implement) you would have received 3 times more money than the average investor!

You can implement the Talmud Portfolio today for free if you want. All the details are in our free sample.

So right there you already have a leg up over the average investor.

But, you would have done even better if you had implemented one of portfolioeinstein’s premium portfolios.

What are the premium portfolios?

The premium portfolios is an ebook researched and designed by portfolioeinstein.com, which documents the largest amount of investment portfolios. The ebook details the 20 highest returning portfolios since 1989. The portfolios are designed by investment professionals. They are time-tested and recession-tested. They perform awesomely over long periods of time.

You are probably thinking that the premium portfolios are super complicated portfolios. They must be hard to implement if they are so good right?

They are not complicated. Most of the portfolios have just a few ETFs that you need to buy in order to implement them. They are easy to implement and easy to maintain.

The premium portfolios are not expensive to maintain either. We recommend the best ETFs to buy to implement the premium portfolios. More often than not these ETFs are best in class because their expense ratios are so low.

The best part of the premium portfolios is that they are buy-and-hold portfolios. You litterally only need to build a portfolio once and let it be!

So for only a few cups of Starbux coffee you will be able to propel your wealth well beyond what the average investor is capable of.

At only $49 we think this is a no-brainer (ofcourse we do!). We're pricing it this low as we really just want to cover our cost and to give ourselves an incentive to keep up the research. We want as many people as possible to change their financial future.

If you decide to move your portfolio to the next level with the premium portfolios you can be pretty sure that there are no better portfolios out there that you can implement.

Quite simply: You are getting the results of the broadest research on real portfolio returns!

You can upgrade you portfolio right here.

What you should do now

We have prepared a free sample for you. You should download that and take it for a test drive.

Think about our case study above - did your portfolio return 21.03% last year, if not you should consider changing that.

If you decide to upgrade your portfolio you can do that here.

If you want a look at our other research then go to portfolioeinstein.com.

We hope you decide to move to a winning portfolio!

The thing with small print

There isn't alot small print.

  • We just want to make you aware that the purchase is non-refundable. This is because it is in digital form.
  • We also want to make you aware that you can go to portfolioeinstein.com and get really good and free portfolios from there. 
  • The premium portfolios are at this point in time not suited for EU investors because EU investors do not have access to the same ETFs as most of rest of the world (yea, that sux).
  • Finally we want to make sure that you know that this does not constitute financial advice. Please read our disclaimer.

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