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Why you need Portfolio Einstein Gold:

  • You get more money in your investment accounts because you will get the best portfolios ever created.
  • It is very easy, you just need to follow the investing receipe and you're done!
  • This a one time investment that will last you a lifetime and it will keep putting moneye in your wallet. 

Make investing EASY with TIME TESTED high RETURNING portfolios.

Investing is difficult. For the past 100 years the stock market provided a 10% compound annual return. BUT the average investor only got about 5%. 

Constructing the right investment portfolio is daunting. How much to put into stocks, how much to put into bonds? Do you need REITs? 

How do you know that a investment portfolio will give you good results? You can't trust the financial media.

If you're saving for retirement, you want the best return you can possible get. How do you get the best return?

If you're already in retirement, you want your money to last a long time. But how do you do that?

If you're saving for a goal like a new car or house or college, you want the most bang for your buck. Where do you get that?

You are also worried about paying too much for your investment advisor. Investing professionals are overpaid for the services they provide. That is no secret. Expenses will eat away at your investment returns.

A financial advisor will take 2-4% of your invested money every year. That means less money for you. A whole lot less money.

“Using one of the best 59 portfolios could mean having several  $100,000's more in retirement. ”

By choosing Portfolio Einstein Gold you'll get the following:

High Returns

We have tested over 800 portfolios. You get acess to the BEST 59 best portfolios, ready to be implemented.

​Time Tested and Trustworthy

The portfolios are made by experts and have stood the test of time. They are based on Nobel prized research and best investing  practices. 

​Long Lasting

You can use these portfolios your entire life.  Included are also 15 of the best low-risk portfolios - perfect for a retirement account.

"By far the easist way of  investing safely "

"I have a full time job that I love so I just want something easy that I know will give me great returns. I care about money but I don't care about investing, it's super boring for me so thanks for giving me a way out."

- Micheal (Software Architect)

Our Best Portfolio would have given you $163,852 compared to $81,296 the average investor got.

"These are market beating portfolios that will give above average results"

When you are saving long-term, a small extra return produces a big outcome. Even a 1-2% extra return results in $1000's of extra dollars. Our best portfolio has an extra 6%! 

Think about what that will do to your savings. 

Saving $200 each month for 20 years using a "standard portfolio" would have given you $81,296.

But using our best portfolio would have given you $163,852. No that's not a typo.

Heck, using our best low risk portfolio (very safe bond heavy portfolio) would have given you $123,754 at a much lower risk!

What Portfolio Einstein Gold Gives You:

44 High Performing Portfolios

"Using one of these portfolios will enhance your savings considerably"

44 of the absolute highest returning portfolios since 1989. All portfolios are described in detail so it's easy to build them yourself. 

15 Safe Low-Risk Portfolios

If you want less risk but still want above average returns, these low-risk portfolios are for you!

  • Portfolios that are very safe but still have high returns.
  • Easy to build. We give specific ETF recommendations for each portfolio.
  • Very low temporary loss of capital.
  • The portfolios are bond and cash heavy to always provide you with funds.

Beautiful 130-page ebook

The ebook is easy to use and you quickly get an overview of the important portfolio details. 

Each portfolio includes a 2-page overview including a description of the portfolio and performance of the portfolio in the past 30 years.

We also provide specific instructions on which ETFs you need to buy to build the portfolio.

Result of 800
Rigorously Researched
Investment Portfolios

"You get the best performing portfolios ever created and we have the data to prove it"

We started researching portfolios 15 years ago.

About three years ago we launched to document all the portfolios.

The portfolios in the ebook are made by using theory of Nobel winners. They are made by the top finance experts and professionals. They are made by top wealth management firms.

Pay a little -  Receive A Lot

"It will pay for itself many, many times over"

If you had invested $200 every month for 20 years you would have gotten $81,296. That has been the average investor's return for the past 20 years. (source: Dalbar)

If instead you had invested in one of these best portfolios you would have gotten: 

  • $124,053 using our tested low-risk portfolio
  • $163,852 using our tested high-risk portfolio (that's over two times more than the average investor got!)
  • If you invest more money than $200 then you are leaving even more money on the table.

"This is investing backed up by Nobel prized research."

"Nowhere else have so many investment portfolios been tested. The 59 portfolios are the best bet on how you get the best bang for your buck and it is a good bet."

- Jon Meisner-Jensen (Creator of

"Perfect if you want a ready-made solution"

"I like the evidence and objective approach. I have some 15-20 years until I need the money so your product looks like the right thing for me."

- Matthew  (Engineer)

What You'll Get...

Here is what you'll get when you purchase Portfolio Einstein Gold, Premium Portfolios

"130-page beautifully designed  ebook."

  • 59 of the best performing portfolios since 1989 (we have compared over 800 portfolios).
  • 44 high-risk, high-returning portfolios, perfect for you IRA, long term savings or college savings.
  • 15 low-risk safe portfolios, perfect for short-term savings, or when you're in retirement  or for low-risk investors.
  • 7-step guide to help you choose the best portfolio.
  • Detailed instructions on which ETFs you should buy to build the portfolios.
  • You will get peace of mind because you will come to use a better portfolio than almost anyone else. 
  • Extremely good value. It will pay for itself many times over.

You get a beautiful 130-page ebook with the 59 best performing portfolios ever construcuted. There are 44 high-risk portfolios and 15 safe low-risk portfolios. You also get recommendations to the best ETFs to buy to build the portfolios. The sooner you implement the portfolios the sooner you can harvest the advantages of these excellent portfolios.

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"Jon has been extremely helpful"

"I've mailed you quite a few times by now and I just wanted to let you know that you've been extremely helpful. I have now settled on a portfolio that I can stick with. Just wanted to say thanks."

- Janet (Software Project Manager)

Why You Should Not Buy: Please consider these points before you buy Portfolio Einstein Gold

We have a lot of other portfolios for FREE, on the website. The premium portfolios are a step above the free portfolios. Long term the premium portfolios are set to outperfom the free portfolios giving you more money along the way.

This is not a get-rich-quick scheme, the investment portfolios are intended to be held for long periods. The low risk portfolios can be held for shorter-terms due to their low risk profile. If you are a day-trader or speculator then these portfolios are not for you.

We don't know what the stock market will do tomorrow, next week or one year from now but we do know that the stock market trend is always up. The premium portfolios are the best bet on that upward trend.

We don't not provide a refund,  due to the fact that it is a digtial product and the nature of the service. If you are in doubt what you are buying please contact us beforehand. We want to do 100% right by you and are willing to answer any questions you might have, also after your purchase!

You don't need to purchase our premium portfolios,  there are lots of other portfolios out there that you can build today. They will probably do ok over time. However we have tested over 800 portfolios against eachother to see which ones rose to the top. The premium portfolios are those portfolios. For us "probably" and "ok" is not enough given what you stand to gain if you use the premium portfolios. Maybe you feel the same way.

Summary of What You’ll Get...

  •   59 of the best portfolios ever created
  • 130-page beautiful ebook
  • Nobel prized research
  • A ready made solution for you investments, now and forever

All this now for just:

Get Instant Access to Portfolio Einstein Gold !

In these Corona Covid-19 times now is a great time to begin investing in a time tested high performing portfolio.
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