Portfolio Einstein's Premium Portfolios
2023 Edition


Do you want to supercharge your savings? 

1. Are you getting the most out of your investment portfolio?

2. Do you want the best portfolio for your retirement savings?

3. Do you want to make sure your existing portfolio is the best?


Great Performance

The 20 best portfolios is the result of our tests of over 600 portfolios from the world's leading professionels. 

15 years of research

We started benchmarking portfolios more than 15 years ago.

Easy to replicate and maintain

Most of the portfolios are super easy to implement. Suggested best-in-class ETFs are included for all portfolios!

Constructed by professionals

The portfolios are made by investment professionels.

Have confidence that you are holding the best portfolio.

Great investments return

The best portfolio have had a compound annual return of 10.45% - doubling your money about every 6 years.


When you buy the Premium portfolios you will receive a download link to our e-book giving you access to the 20 best performing investment portfolios since 1989.

The e-book is professionally and beautifully designed. 

More importantly it is designed to provide you with the power to decide which portfolio is right for you!

The ebook provides you with a table that displays the return for each of the 20 portfolios along with drawdowns, expense ratios, and a few other metrics.

Each portfolio has its own description accompanied by an asset allocation piechart for an accessible overview.

You get clear instructions on how to build the portfolios with ETFs so you can replicate the portfolios exactly.
Finally, we have updated the 2023 edition with a short market commentary.


The ebook is a one-time payment of $49.

Unfortunately no, since this is a digital product we cannot offer a refund. We do our best to inform you precisely what you are purchasing.

The premium portfolios are at this point in time NOT suited for EU investors because EU investors do not have access to the same ETFs as most of the rest of the world. This is because of EU financial regulation.

Since about 2007 I have meticulously collected portfolio allocations from all different sources, such as books, magazine articles, investment newsletters, investment journals, etc. I have since leveraged a rigorous approach to benchmarking all of the portfolios. With the premium portfolios, you get the 20 highest-returning portfolios complete with asset allocation, suggested ETFs and performance history-

Most of the portfolios are constructed by highly skilled investment professionals. Professionals that have decades of investment experience. On Portfolioeinstein.com we detail portfolios constructed by William Berstein, Charles Ellis, Burton Malkiel, John Bogle and Warren Buffett - just to name a few!

We like to say that you can absolutely get by with a number 22 or number 23 portfolio from our site. We believe however that the Premium portfolios will give you a better-than-fair chance of outperforming the market.


We certinaly think they are but, let's do a quick calculation.

The best portfolio (which is pretty sane to be honest) has delivered about 1.5% return in excess the portfolio on the 22. place which is free on our site.

In one year alone a $49 investment is 1.5% of $3.933. 

So in order to be worth it you only need to invest $3.933 and it would be worth it. If you maintain the portfolio for several years (which we think you should), the effect could be tremendous. 1.5% is massive over a long holding period. 

In addition you can rest assured that you have implemented one of the best asset allocation strategies available at a super low cost!


- You are looking for a quick way to get rich. These are long term buy and hold portfolios. They have proven their worth decade after decade.

- You are certain that your portfolio asset allocation cannot be improved upon.

- You are looking to trade in and out of securities on a daily, monthly or even yearly basis! 

You are looking for the next "hot thing". This is not the new "hot thing" - this is not Bitcoin (you can be thankful for that). These portfolios represent long-term investing that have proven to work decade af decade.


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Portfolio Einstein Premium

Provides a beautiful e-book showing you the 20 best-performing investment portfolios since 1989. You will also receive ETF suggestions so you can replicate the portfolios exactly and immediately.

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